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Flash: I really want to believe…

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After last weeks announcement regarding the close of development by Adobe of Flex, I really am starting to worry about Flash. I honestly want to believe that Flash can become the ‘gaming console for the web’, but after weeks of working with the existing tools that they have for Stage3D, I am kind of at a loss. Not that they are bad tools, just really late to the game. It’s like all of this should have been addressed years ago. Now it seems like scrambling to play catch up because in reality, it is.

I ran across Jesse Freeman’s sobering well written article, Game Over: How Adobe Killed Flash, and had an eye opening bucket of cold water in the face of a fan boy experience. Some things he said I suspected but would not admit to myself (denials a hell of a drug). Admittedly, his views may be biased, but damn he raises some good points. Hopefully, Adobe will get its PR together and begin to broadcast a message that will reassure the Flash devs out there. With post like Jesse Freeman’s though, I really don’t know if Adobe can dig its way out of this PR nightmare, or if they even care to. Only time will tell, but at the moment these decisions don’t make sense from a PR perspective. I should have seen the writing on the wall when so many top flash devs and authors started moving on. I guess deep down I knew, but I wanted to believe there was still hope. Perception is everything, and there is now a pretty bad perception regarding the future of Flash.


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