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Flash is Dead…Not!

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I have been seeing post all over the place about the death of the Flash player. Flame wars are going on everywhere regarding the misinformation that Flash is dead. This makes me think of a quote from Mark Twain that I am sure most of you are familiar with:

“The news of my death has been greatly exaggerated.”

Here is one report about the Flash player.

“Report: Adobe Is Finally Pulling the Plug on Mobile Flash” – Gizmodo

Note that the title denotes that Adobe is pulling the plug on Mobile Flash. This seems to imply that there will no longer be Flash for mobile. That is not the case at all. Adobe is pulling the plug on the mobile browser based plug-in. The article goes on further to quote a letter from Adobe that reveals the new direction that states:

“Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores. ”

If Flash were dying, my shop would be switching to Unity3D and calling it a day with Flash. This is definitely not the case. We’re not married to any tech. We’re going where there is opportunity. We’re seeing a bright future here. Adobe is committed to staying relevant. It’s full steam ahead for the evolution of Adobe’s mobile and desktop app development environment.

Flash is far from dead. I agree that Flash will most likely be used less in the browser for sites in favor of HTML5 in time, but for games and apps for both desktop and mobile IMHO, I believe Flash will take on a whole new life beyond its humble web beginnings. People aren’t going to care what their app is developed in, as long as it does what they expect it to do, be it a game or a calculator. Flash has been great for allowing creative expression across multiple platforms. I can only see it getting better.

Uh Really? – ‘Spin baby spin!’

Flash is dead. Long live HTML5 – (Summary: It’s official, Adobe is putting its future mobile video efforts behind HTML5. So, do you really think that desktop Flash will survive for long?) -  ZDNet

[Wow Steve, have you even seen what is now possible on the desktop in Flash?]

Adobe abandons mobile Flash development, report says – CNN

[Wow. Just wow...]


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