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The more things change…

Written by freeman. No comments Posted in: Flash, Unity3D

This is my first post of the year. Been busy as all get out working on projects in Flash and Unity3D. With all that is going on with Flash, I just had to post. After years of developers begging, the beta for Flash 3D is out and looks pretty darn good. Granted there won’t be Adobe tools available to make it easy to develop 3d content, there are engines out there (Away3d, Flare3D, Alternativa, etc) that will fill this need. To top it off, Unity announced that they are working on a Flash exporter. Out-freaking-standing!

This is very exciting because while Unity has a superior web player, its web penetration is pretty low at the moment. Flash has a high penetration rate according to its stats. Don’t know how powerful the next Flash player will be in comparison to the Unity web player, or how extensive the Unity Flash exporter will be, but regardless the possibilities are incredible. One could easily develop an app or game in Unity, and at the very least make a feature reduced demo version of the app in Flash. That could be huge for advertising.

It is a really good time to be into Flash and Unity. Checking out with the beta Flash player, I was pretty impressed. I love Unity, but I have a lot of years invested in Flash development. I would like to be able to capitalize on both. Looks like this will now be possible very soon. With all this change I am hoping that more people will be using Flash, and that Apple has to reconsider allowing it on its devices. Only time will tell.

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