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Flash 3D Coming Soon

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With the announcement of new Flash capabilities today at MAX, the big one being real GPU accelerated 3D, I am kind of excited. Folks have been waiting for some of these features to come down the pipe for quite some time. I remember Ben Garney’s post a little while back requesting that Adobe, Make Flash the Console for the Web. He basically broke down why this needed to happen. Just over a year later, looks like steps are being taken to make this a reality. I think this is a logical move, or a very good opportunity for Adobe is going to be lost.

I have been using Unity3D for just over a year. I really like it a lot. I am getting used to Unity still, but it is coming along. At my job, we still have Flash projects on the board, but it was looking like we’d be moving more to Unity as time went on. Obviously, Unity player penetration is still an issue, but we could accept that because our projects do not depend on player penetration. Always in the back of my mind, I wished there was some way that the Flash player could pull off what Unity was doing. I wished that I could leverage my AS3 skills and pull that kind of 3D off in Flash. Looks like that wish just might come true.

I love Unity’s IDE. If I could build Scaleform like interfaces and mini games in Unity, I probably would not look back to Flash for 3D at all. GUI development in Unity is not one of Unity’s strong points. The prospect of being able to do both 2D and 3D all in Flash is pretty compelling. IF Adobe can pull this off, I really think they might be able to maintain the title of web player of choice for gaming. Even if the engines that are built on top of the new 3d API aren’t as powerful as Unity or Torque, I think Flash player penetration is going to be the factor that could make it the environment of choice for web games.

I remember the Adobe promises of 3D made in the past, and the disappointed devs left in the wake.  I think they have to make good on this promise this time or they will lose many more devs to other platforms. Very interesting days ahead.

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