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AMFPHP and Windows 7

Written by freeman. No comments Posted in: Flash
I am working on a small project that basically searches a database and displays the information in Flex. Was playing around with JSON, but the returned dataset can get too large. Decided to pick up AMFPHP again, as I have had great success with it in the past. Thankfully, the project is still alive and well.
I am running Windows 7 at work and Windows XP at home. First thing I noticed when I installed AMFPHP, in WAMP on the Windows 7 box, was that I could not access the gateway. I checked around on the web and ran accross this post on Amy’s Flex Diary. Windows 7 apparently encrypts the contents of a zip file. You can hit the [Unblock] button in the file properties, but it still hoses the text files in the hierarchy once unziped. I ended up having to use 7-zip to get a clean extraction.
The next weird thing I ran into was attempting to test on the host server (HostGator). I put the files up and kept getting odd ‘internal errors’. Turns out there is a .htaccess file in the root was the culprit. Either rename or remove it. Once done, I was able to access the service browser with no problems.


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