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Category Archives: Unity3D


The more things change…

Written by freeman. No comments Posted in: Flash, Unity3D

This is my first post of the year. Been busy as all get out working on projects in Flash and Unity3D. With all that is going on with Flash, I just had to post. After years of developers begging, the beta for Flash 3D is out and looks pretty darn good. Granted there won’t be [...]


Flash 3D Coming Soon

Written by technogenesis. No comments Posted in: Flash, Unity3D

With the announcement of new Flash capabilities today at MAX, the big one being real GPU accelerated 3D, I am kind of excited. Folks have been waiting for some of these features to come down the pipe for quite some time. I remember Ben Garney’s post a little while back requesting that Adobe, Make Flash [...]


Unity Play

Written by technogenesis. No comments Posted in: Unity3D

Have been playing around with Unity3d for almost a year now and using it quite a bit on the job for learning modules. I am still leaning towards Flash when it comes to 2D and GUI intensive things, but Unity is the shiz for 3D. Here is a silly little particle system test that I [...]